Willow Williams – Coming Out

“Her mom really was a man hater.”

As long as people can believe there aren’t any lesbians, then it’s okay to abridge lesbians’—or gay people’s— rights. Because, [people think] “I don’t know any, and I’m not affecting someone I know.” But the more we come out and the more visible we are, the harder it is to do that.


We did pretty much take the attitude: we didn’t need to rub [our family’s] face in it. We weren’t going to really hide it, but we weren’t going to really bring it up. At some point, [Bonnie’s] mom said that she was happy that [she] hadn’t brought home a man—because, her mom really was a man hater. But I was never part of the family, whereas my mom would’ve claimed [her].


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson, 15 August 2007; transcribed by J. Zander; edited by Laura S. Hodgman. Audio file held in the Museum of Arts and Culture.