Spokane in Perspective

This is where narrators reflect on how LGBT life Spokane compares to other places. Many of our narrators see Spokane as being more LGBT-friendly than it is sometimes reputed to be. We interviewed people who chose to leave Spokane in addition to those who call it home.

Bonnie Aspen                      “It took 45 minutes to go to the post office!”
Marge Ballack                      “There were so many out people.”
Joe Bloom                             “I just want to look like a wheat farmer.”

Helen Bonser                        “Spokane had a chance to come around.”
Ted Clark                                “There’s just an awful lot of acceptance of people.”
David Cornelius                   “A very accepting community.”
Dan Coulston                       “Going Home to a town of 500.”

Ann Marie Floch                  “I knew Spokane was closeted.”
Christopher Lawrence     “It’s a city! It’s not a town.”
Dean Lynch                           “Magic happens.”

Linda McKitrick                   “Spokane meets all my needs.”
Gene Otto                              “They have gay bowling.”
Craig Peterson                      “Go!! Go for it.”
Marvo Reguindin                “There was an opportunity here in Spokane.”

Deena Romoff                      “It’s amazing who you can connect with.”
Paul Tiesse                            “We were pretty progressive.”
Peter Williams                      “Even Seattle’s gay community seemed small.”
Willow Williams                   “What happened to you?”