Spirituality and Religion

There are now many LGBT-affirming congregations in Spokane, but this wasn’t always the case. This is where narrators discuss how their spiritual life and sexuality intersected. In some cases, narrators found their religion in conflict with LGBT life; in others, narrators were supported by their spiritual communities.

Bonnie Aspen                     “She had the hots for the minister.”
Marge Ballack                     “I hope you win your lawsuit.”
Helen Bonser                      “It was really a blessing for the community.”

Ted Clark                              “They attacked the minister.”
Marianne Dawson             “I shouldn’t have to go to a specific church.”
Gordon Fleming                 “We’re not dying. We’re living.”

Ann Marie Floch                  “There wasn’t a kid in there that didn’t have spirituality.”
Kevan Gardner                    “I’ve always been this kind of strange Mormon child.”
Maria H.-Peck                      “All my gay friends are in church.”

Christopher Lawrence     “Now go and sit and meditate on that.”
Dean Lynch                          “The minister . . . was a gay man.”
Lenard Mace                        “God hasn’t turned from me.”

Linda McKitrick                  “God put a satin blanket over me.”
Gene Otto                             “The church will handle the gay thing.”
Janice Packwood              “I’m at the point now that I don’t know if I’m even a Christian.”

Craig Peterson                     “God was okay with this.”
Deena Romoff                     “My other car is a broom.”
Larry Stone                          “The lamb that liked purple grass.”

Paul Tiesse                           “I still say my prayers at night.”
Willow Williams                  “What happened to you?”
Kim Winchester                  “Teach love, for that is what you are.”