Our narrators sometimes discuss social opportunities such as potlucks or ice skating but, historically speaking, bars were an important locus of sociability for the LGBT community. The character and characters present in Spokane’s gay bars are detailed here. Narrators also share recollections about the life of Sovereign Imperial Court of Spokane (the drag scene) here.

Bonnie Aspen                      “I just got Meg Christian’s new album.”
Marge Ballack                      “I had a lot of slumber parties.”
Ted Clark                               “Who’s going to be there?”

David Cornelius                 “I looked under ‘gay’ in the phone book.”
Marianne Dawson             “They made me feel very welcome.”
Gordon Fleming                 “They had cutouts from porn magazines plastered on the walls.”
Kevan Gardner                    “I love you man.”

Diane Lantz                          “Some of our best friends are men.”
Christopher Lawrence    “Oklahomo.”
Dean Lynch                          “We’re both gay, aren’t we?”

Lenard Mace                        “Miss Christianity”
Linda McKitrick                  “I thought everyone on MSN was gay.”
Gene Otto                             “Jack’s Nite Hawk was an equalizer.”

Craig Peterson                   “A few stories that showed my naivete.”
Marvo Reguindin               “I hear they have these huge dances.”
Deena Romoff                      “You had to do it yourself!”

Larry Stone                           “I just want to be friends.”
Paul Tiesse                            “Okay, I’m going to go to a gay bar.”
Peter Williams                     “Hey, we’re having this lesbian women’s meeting.”
Kim Winchester                    “We’d have coffee.”