Maria Hernandez-Peck – Generational Effects

“Kids are still harassed in school.”

You know, some people tell me, “Things are much better.” At the same time, kids are still harassed in schools. People tell me, “Well, now parents drive their kids to Odyssey.” Yeah, but kids are still harassed in school. I think that there’s acceptance in certain circles, but . . . In social work I get really concerned that I get some very, very fundamentalist Christian students. A lot of the opposition comes from very fundamentalist Christian people. Things are better, but they’re not better. Supposedly you have allies; you have supposedly supports in school. But why do we need to do all this education if there’s so much acceptance? You know what I’m saying?

[It’s] maybe somewhat better, but not terribly much better. I think that for people of my generation it’s no biggy. You know, [older] people are in relationships and so forth, and it’s very well accepted. I think there’s still prejudice. I don’t know.  Maybe with this marriage equality, maybe things will be better . . . Hopefully.


Source: Interview with Laura S. Hodgman on 3 June 2013.