Mentoring and Support

As might be anticipated, many of our narrators think that mentoring younger people is important. In this section, narrators talk about being mentors, but they also talk about how people  served as mentors for them. This section includes comments about how various people supported the narrators in their life and/or how they have supported others.

Bonnie Aspen                      “People in Home Depot.”
Marge Ballack                      “She’s very happy that she has gay aunts.”
Joe Bloom                            “She emptied my drain bottles.”

Ted Clark                               “You were just you.”
David Cornelius                  “If we hadn’t known you . . . ”
Dan Coulston                       “People started to come together.”
Gordon Fleming                 “It’s not getting through to the kids.”

Ann Marie Floch                 “I’ve had to sit on my fear levels and shyness.”
Diane Lantz                          “She was wearing Old Spice.”
Christopher Lawrence     “You choose family.”

Dean Lynch                          “They provided security for the first Pride Parade.”
Janice Packwood              “I just instantly fell in love with all the kids.”
Craig Peterson                     “I was blessed with multi-generational role models.”

Larry Stone                         “Meeting Katie Urbanek was life changing.”
Katie Urbanek                   “Anybody who was black had to leave town by sundown.”
Kim Winchester                 “I never had to do it alone.”
Ann Wood                             “We talked ourselves silly.”