Marge Ballack – Commitment

“We just wanted to be together.”

[I met my wife Diane Lantz in 1978.] We met at a part-time job. I was working there. She came in, stayed for about four days. There was an obvious attraction. For the next two years, we continued to try and find one another, and we did meet up several times. She pretended she wanted me to come work for her company, “Blah, blah, blah,” and it was really because we just wanted to be together. That’s when we started [our current relationship]. We were a couple about 1980, so it took us a couple years.

[When we got married in Canada] we went up with another couple. We actually have marriage buddies. That immediately puts us in a very exclusive group. They called up and said “We’re going to Canada to get married. Wanna go?” “Yeah, we’ll drive.” Nelson [B. C.] was having their art fair. They closed down literally eight blocks of downtown. Everybody was dressed up and it was just a big festival. We went there in kind of a festival atmosphere. You have to get your license, then you have to be married by a marriage commissioner. He could perform the marriage any place. It could have been a church, could have been at a park—which was an idea—or it could have been at his home. We opted to be married at his home.


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson in December 2006, held at the Northwest Museum for Arts and Culture.