Larry Stone – Sociability

“I just want to be friends.”

[When I came out]I was desperate to meet people. I remember going to some Integrity meetings—which was the Episcopal gay group. I met people there.

Probably the organization equal to PFLAG that influenced me was MCC. MCC had some very nice people involved with it then, people I could relate to: middle-class men and middle-class women. That was where I made my first friends in the gay community, was MCC. I couldn’t meet them in the bar. I tried. I’d start talking to somebody and they’d say, “Oh, let’s go have sex.” I’d say, “Well, no, I’m just here . . . I just want to be friends.” And they’d go, “What?!” It was like a foreign concept, you know. [Laughs.] So I went to MCC and I started making friends. I was terribly afraid and all those things, but I went there. One of my best friends to this day, I met at church 21 years ago. I met him in August of ’85, almost 22 years ago.

There’s only really two [social] alternatives at that time, other than the gay church. There was dirty bookstores and the bars. Those were both very potentially unhealthy atmospheres.


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson on 8 May 2007; held in the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Transcribed by J. Zander; edited by Laura S. Hodgman.