Larry Stone – Mental Health

“Go to a prostitute.”

I had told my family doctor. He had sent me to a psychiatrist who tried to help me to get cured. That was an unpleasant experience that I dropped out of. I was approximately 25 [years old. The psychiatrist] asked me to go to a prostitute in Wallace, [Idaho] believe this or not. I did that dutifully. It was a horrible experience. I went with a friend who was heterosexual, so he had fun. [Laughs.] But it was a horrible experience for me. I found it very demeaning to the other person and pretty demeaning to me too. It didn’t work out. It didn’t cure me either.

I was motivated. I knew that homosexuals were terrible people and I didn’t want to be one of those. I didn’t think I was a terrible person . . . I was one of those strange male homosexuals in that I’d never had sex, you know. I went on dates in college, but . . . It was tough.

[There are] very odd things that I’ve heard since [about that] psychiatrist. I’ve heard that he wasn’t very good; people have told me later that.


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson on 8 May 2007; held in the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Transcribed by J. Zander; edited by Laura S. Hodgman.