Larry Stone – I’d Like You to Know

“Some of the greatest leaders were gay.”

You know, if you look through history, there is some phenomenal gay people all through history. Some of the greatest in fields were clearly gay. Arguably the smartest man of all time that’s lived was Leonardo [da Vinci], and he was very clearly gay. He openly had a boyfriend and he served time in jail for sodomy. Most people in the arts consider Michelangelo the greatest artist of all time, and he was very clearly gay. He fell in love with a young man late in his career. It is unclear of course if they ever had sex. They may never have had sex, but [Michelangelo] wrote about him a lot. Some of the greatest war makers of all time were gay. Clearly Alexander the Great was. Some of the greatest leaders were gay.


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson on 8 May 2007; held in the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Transcribed by J. Zander; edited by Laura S. Hodgman.