Kevan Gardner – Identity and Awareness

“I prefer ‘queer.’”

I prefer “queer,” but when I am talking in my professional hat I say “LGBT.” “LGBT” is what we use in the Pride Foundation. Then there is this argument, “Well, we need to add all these other initials.” And I go “Okay, at some point we just have to say it’s just “queer.” We are all just queer. We are not LGBTISIQQA. And there is going to be more [initials]. We are already using some of them, that’s the thing. There are two Qs already in there. It’s going to be 37 letters long. You’ll have to add DQ for drag queens, you know. I think “queer” going to be [accepted]. It could happen as early as 10 years [from now]. If you look at the national data that’s collected on that, the Northwest is one of the areas where we are more comfortable with that [term]. There are some areas, like the south, where the queer community is just not comfortable with that. A lot of it is generational, but it’s an eventuality.

I’m not gender neutral. I’m more gender fluid. It really depends. There is fluidity to how I define [myself]. I define one way or another depending upon the [situation] There is a trend like that in that generation in their 20s now. Even if there is no gender or three zillion genders . . . We’ve veered off no matter what now, which I think is kind of cool. And, like I’ve always said, I hate gender specific pronouns. Isn’t it stupid?  I think it’s dumb. It’s the dumbest thing that pronouns have a gender. I think it is dumb.


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson on 20 November 2006.