Joe Bloom – Spokane in Perspective

“I just want to look like a wheat farmer.”

When I talk to people over [in Seattle] and I say, “I live in Spokane,” they’re like, “Ohhh. Do you feel safe?” I will say, “Well, I haven’t seen a burning cross in my yard yet,” you know?

Another thing I noticed about Seattle—and I don’t know if this is just my perception—but it seems people there are just a little more bizarro. Whereas the people over on this side of the state, when you transition, you’re more just want[ing] to be ordinary people. I just want to look like a wheat farmer. I don’t have to look like David Bowie! [Laughs.] I wear my seed cap, my jeans, and a t-shirt, and [clucks:] if I pass, I’m good.


Source: Interview with Laura S. Hodgman on 24 July 2013.