Joe Bloom – Mentoring and Support

“She emptied my drain bottles.”

I’ve been waiting for this [transition] all my life. When I realized there was actual support out there—that it wasn’t something I’d have to do alone . . . I had some money stashed away, and when I realized that I could transition, it was like, “Well, there you go. Just enough to do the chest. I’ll do it!” My second cousin—she’s such a sweetie—she helped me. She found a surgeon in Seattle—that’s about as close as you can get to here. She helped me. I stayed at her place. She actually got a motel room for us the first few days after surgery, emptied my drain bottles and gave me a lot of moral support. She’s an angel. She had me meet up with a lot of people over in Seattle. She belongs to the First Baptist Church and they do a lot of things with LGBT. She introduced me to the Ingersoll [Gender] Center, which is in Seattle.


Source: Interview with Laura S. Hodgman on 24 July 2013.