Joe Bloom – I’d Like You to Know

“Have the freedom to figure out who you are.”

Before you get too far down on the path of life, you need to be able to have the freedom to figure out who you are, before you get yourself locked into things. I think that too many expectations are labeled onto kids that aren’t realistic. You know, “You’re born to this family. You’re going to do this.  You’re born to this gender. You’re going to do this with your life.” The royal birth: that poor kid’s got a title before he even got a name! [The press reported] “It’s a boy!” I thought, “What if it really isn’t?” Everybody has all these expectations they label on kids, and they make it so binary.

I think that what they ought to do is give kids gender neutral names until they get to the state where they know what the heck they are. Even being called a girl, when you’re not really a girl up here [points to his head], is a slap in the face.

They tried to diagnose me as having a borderline personality at one point. One thing about a borderline personality . . .  What causes it is an [invalidating] childhood. Well, if you’re transgender, you’re going to have an [invalidating] childhood, because everybody’s calling you something you’re not. It’s not abuse, but it is abuse. Forcing kids through the wrong puberty is abuse, as far as I’m concerned. But we’re going to get more enlightened as people open up their eyes and recognize that people are different.


Source: Interview with Laura S. Hodgman on 24 July 2013.