Joe Bloom – Generational Effects

“I’ll never be a young man.”

I don’t want to have regrets, but I think that you do what you have to do at the time you do it. Like Chaz Bono said on “Becoming Chaz,” “I’ll never be a young man.”[1] Even though I got to do this [transition] finally, I had to do a lot of suffering before. It’s good to see kids being able to not even go through the wrong puberty. I wish I was born 50 years later, just for that. There’s two advantages though. My car insurance didn’t go up even though I switched to male, because I’m old. And I don’t have to register for the Selective Service, because I’m born before 1959. I guess better late than never.


[1]“Becoming Chaz,” a 2011 documentary film about Chaz Bono’s gender transition.


Source: Interview with Laura S. Hodgman on 24 July 2013.