I’d Like You to Know

We think this section contains some of the most interesting material on this site. At the end of many interviews, narrators were asked what they wanted people to know, what they wanted to say that hadn’t yet been discussed. It was pretty common for the narrator to become emotional at this point: these words come from their hearts.

Joe Bloom                        “Have the freedom to figure out who you are.”
Helen Bonser                   “It’s always been determination that’s got me through.”
Ted Clark                            “I’ve been very well supported.”

David Cornelius                “All my friends were there.”
Dan Coulston                    “It wasn’t for lack of trying.”

Marianne Dawson           “I get to be me!”
Gordon Fleming               “Ask people how they feel.”

Christopher Lawrence   “Striving to make things right.”
Dean Lynch                         “Making society a better place to live.”
Linda McKitrick                 “Who you are is love.”

Gene Otto                            “Oh my God! We’ve got to start over.”
Craig Peterson                   “They were completely unspoken rules.”
Deena Romoff                    “Being a lesbian is only one part of being alive.”
Larry Stone                          “Some of the greatest leaders were gay.”

Paul Tiesse                           “I’m pretty normal.”
Katie Urbanek                     “It has enriched my life.”
Kim Winchester “You’re my equal.”