It can be difficult to remember today how frightening the emergence of HIV/AIDS was in the early 1980s, when there was no effective treatment and very little understanding of the deadly infection. In this section, narrators discuss the impact of HIV/AIDS in Spokane, efforts to organize support and treatment for infected individuals, and the friends they lost to the disease.

Marge Ballack                    “Some of our friends needed help.”
Ted Clark                              “We don’t know what the hell it is.”
Dan Coulston                      “The virus hadn’t even been identified.”

Gordon Fleming                “He was HIV positive. He didn’t tell me.”
Diane Lantz                         “I had had a blood transfusion.”
Dean Lynch                           “We handed out a lot of condoms.”

Christopher Lawrence   “We talked about surviving.”
Lenard Mace                       “It swept through this community like a hurricane.”
Gene Otto                             “You laid it out, to make sure your friends survived.”

Deena Romoff                    “I see women being at the forefront of getting services.”
Paul Tiesse                          “I probably would be dead.”
Katie Urbanek                    “Men that I knew and just really liked.”