Dean Lynch – Spirituality and Religion

“The minister . . . was a gay man.”

[I was] not really [raised religiously]. In Quincy, you were either Mormon, Catholic, or Presbyterian. There were several other churches, but that is just how people identified. We identified as Presbyterian, but we were not regular attendees.

While I was in college I did some religious studies and accepted Christ into my life. So, I had a conversion at that point, in my early 20’s.

After I came out, I started going to the [EMC] Church. I was a contributor to them. When they bought their own facility, that was some exciting times with what was happening there. The minister at the time was a gay man who was also out and active.


Sources: Two interviews with Maureen Nickerson [c. 2007]; transcribed by K. M. and Laura S. Hodgman; edited by Maureen Nickerson and Laura S. Hodgman; held in the Northwest Museum for Arts and Culture. Interviews with Laura S. Hodgman on 25 July 2013 and 12 September 2013.