Dean Lynch – Mentoring and Support

They provided security for the first Pride Parade.”

PJALS [Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane] has been a very important community supporter. The very first [LGBT] community center, the Rainbow Community Center, was housed in the PJALS building. PJALS received some guff about that. They were broken into once or twice. I don’t know absolutely that it was related to the gay community center being there, but they were down on Fourth [Avenue] off of Division, down by Rockwood Clinic, in that neighborhood. PJALS was supportive of the community then: they provided the very first security for the first Pride Parade. They provided people, and trained people, to be peace keepers. PJALS [has] been very supportive a long time.


Sources: Two interviews with Maureen Nickerson [c. 2007]; transcribed by K. M. and Laura S. Hodgman; edited by Maureen Nickerson and Laura S. Hodgman; held in the Northwest Museum for Arts and Culture. Interviews with Laura S. Hodgman on 25 July 2013 and 12 September 2013.