Christopher Lawrence – I’d Like You to Know

“Striving to make things right.”

I grew up a lot taking care of Anthony and HIV. I was his caregiver for seven of the nine years we were together. But basically, I’m still running the same light that shines inside me, that people have always told me I have. That’s always been part of who I thought I was: this entertainer, this person who is always striving to make things right, and to make sure everything’s okay, and the things are good, and that people are happy, that people get what they deserve. I don’t mean that negatively, but that too. [Laughs.] So that’s not my job, but to try to get people equal rights and equal treatment has always been a theme in my life. As a hippie even. It was always a theme in my life. I’ve always believed in it, because of course I was marginalized in my own mind, which is the worst marginalization, as I was growing up. So it’s always been about striving for the happiness, the balance, and the equality, for everybody. And fairness. That comes from my parents, and it comes from within me, and it comes from the people I was around.


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson, 8 August 2007; audio held in the Museum of Arts and Culture; transcribed and edited by Laura S. Hodgman.