Christopher Lawrence – Commitment

“I just saw sparkles around her!”

[I married a woman in 1981. I had known her for] almost a year. This was post-hippie; she definitely was not a hippie. She looked quite a bit like Barbara Streisand. It was during the ‘80s. She was very ‘80s woman.

[We got married due to a] combination of things. Life is easier when you have a wife. But, really, when I met her, my heart pounded, and my blood ran hot and cold. I definitely had an emotional and physical reaction to her. I just saw sparkles around her! I fell in love with her. That was a really good experience. It didn’t end all that well. It didn’t end horribly. We just didn’t agree about what to do about her son, and how to take care of him when he started acting out in ways that were inappropriate.


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson, 8 August 2007; audio held in the Museum of Arts and Culture; transcribed and edited by Laura S. Hodgman.