Bonnie Aspen – Sociability

“I just got Meg Christian’s new album.”

I used to follow lesbians around that I didn’t know—in small towns in the grocery store—trying to figure out how to introduce myself.

I think everybody did it different, but for me, if I could have a conversation about anything, then I would always find a way to bring up the current lesbian artist, you know, [a] music artist. So, you know, “I just got Meg Christian’s new album.” And if their eyes lit up, it was like, “Okay, bingo!” But, I mean, how crazy is that?

I worked at a little bookstore-restaurant that the commune, where Willow grew up, operated. Anytime my gaydar went off, I’d go over to the music, take off the classical music, and put on women’s music. [Laughs.] I guess today it’s very similar to why I have my rainbow flag outside the house nonstop. [That] is, if people are on my street and gay, I want them to know, “Here’s a visible one.” You know, [so they’ll think], “There we are. There’s support there.” It’s an important thing.


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson, 15 August 2007; transcribed by J. Zander; edited by Laura S. Hodgman. Audio file held in the Museum of Arts and Culture.