Ann Wood – Mentoring and Support

“We talked ourselves silly.”

[I was at the] gay pride parade here in Olympia, which isn’t all that big but they have lots of fun. I went down for it. Suddenly a man lurched out from the crowd and ran across the street, ran at me and started hugging me! He had long white hair and I don’t know who it was. It took me a minute, but I caught on. It was Dave Biviano who we had a great deal to do with back in Spokane in the early days and during his rough days when his wife discovered he was gay. And she went and told his employer he was gay and got him fired, back when you could do that. He had five children? She was an idiot! [Laughs.] We were in the middle of all that. We drove with him from Victoria, B. C., to Spokane once in the car and talked ourselves silly. So, you know, you get to know some of them.

Yes, there were all kinds of people who stayed [at our home in Spokane], but no there wasn’t particularly a PFLAG . . . Oh yes, it was the gays. Oh yes, we even got involved in . . David Young! David Young stayed there and his partner. And they came from Wallace? Yeah, they would stay there a couple of times. They stayed there over Christmas, and then they went back to Wallace, and then he came back a few days after that and said, “Well, I shot and killed the other fellow and I’m on [bail].” I mean, it was a very, very, very sticky thing. A very sticky thing. Dave ended up in the penitentiary and he died in the penitentiary. We went to the trial in Wallace and we watched a man being convicted because he was gay. He didn’t have a chance. But yes, he killed him. And yes, I think it was, probably, because he was armed. I think he probably was self-defense. But they didn’t want to bother with that. They wanted to get rid of him. Anyway, but that was not a very nice period to go through.[1]

[1]We are unable to find corroboration for this account; facts from multiple incidents may be conflated here.


Source: Interview with Allegra McFarland, 2 April 2012; transcribed by J. Zander; edited by Laura S. Hodgman; audio held at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, OH 975-5.