Ann Wood – Identity and Awareness

“She’s treating it as a minor thing.”

I don’t know what made [my husband] Charlie and me conscious of gay issue. Both of us were aware of it most of our lives and comfortable with it. Somewhere in there, [our daughter] Pam and some lady came to Spokane and stayed with us. And after she left, she wrote a letter in which she said, among other things—there was a whole lot of things—but which she said, “I hope you realize that Ruth and I,” I think she said, “are lovers.” I’m not quite sure. So my feeling . . . I picked it up like, “Oh. And she’s treating it as a minor thing, so I will too,” you know. I just sort of put it over there and didn’t think any more about it. So, anyway, we come around. But I had known about gays more-or-less all my life.


Source: Interview with Allegra McFarland, 2 April 2012; transcribed by J. Zander; edited by Laura S. Hodgman; audio held at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, OH 975-5.