Ann Marie Floch – Generational Effects

“Spokane is . . . being forced to change.”

It seems that Spokane is in a position at this point [in 2006] where it’s being forced to change. And it’s forced to change. I don’t think it would [change] unless it was. EMCC is a good example of that. They need to re-invent EMCC, they do. Generally speaking, the group that’s there, the large majority of them, are not involved with the gay community. It’s exciting right now because it’s going to change. What’s forcing that are our youth. That’s all over the world at this point. The gay youth of this century: they’re here to stay. They’re not going to go hide. They’re not going anywhere!


Source: Interview with Maureen Nickerson on 13 December 2006, held at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.